Wildflower Products now available in Washington State Dispensary Market

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, February 3, 2016: Wildflower Marijuana Inc. (CSE: SUN) (FWB:RSP) (the "Company") announces that it has  reached a major milestone by becoming Canada's first cannabis company to launch a line of products into the legal US cannabis market. The first delivery of Wildflower's disposable vaporizers made their way to retail store shelves in Washington this week.  The vaporizers have reservoirs filled with different blends, four of which were sold into the Washington market. Two blends were high in THC content, the active ingredient in cannabis giving it its narcotic and psychoactive effect.  The other two blends had higher CBD content which is a constituent in cannabis providing health benefits.  Additional blends will be available by the end of the week.

CEO William MacLean stated, "The race to be the first Canadian company to launch products into a legal US cannabis market is over. This marks a great achievement for Wildflower but more importantly it puts the Company into revenue. Over the last year we have demonstrated our commitment to bringing a new and safer technology to market while establishing a strong brand in the process."

The Company has an agreement with a licensed Washington State marijuana processor to purchase the Company’s technology and proprietary blends along with a license to use the Wildflower brand.  This agreement currently encompasses the disposable vaporizers but both parties look to extend that agreement to other products in the Wildflower development pipeline.


Wildflower is a cannabis company focused on developing and designing branded products in the cannabis and healthcare sectors.  We develop proprietary product lines using THC or CBD by taking traditional herbal medicines and applying the most advanced science, technology and know-how to create quality products for the health conscious consumer. Wildflower works exclusively in jurisdictions where cannabis is legal or regulated.

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