Wildflower Enters US Market with New Vaporizer Technology

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, November 12, 2015: Wildflower Marijuana Inc. (CSE: SUN) (the "Company") has entered into an agreement to replace the previously announced Master Distribution Agreement (See News Release May 28, 2015).  Under the terms of the new agreement the Company will acquire the rights to distribute the next generation of disposable vaporizers to the market under the Wildflower brand. Under the original agreement the Company was to distribute the Alcura line of CBD vaporizers. This new agreement allows the Company to produce, market and distribute a Wildflower branded line of CBD blends to be used with our new vaporizing technology throughout the majority of the US market.

The Company spent the last several months formulating various CBD blends to be used with this new technology.  The blends are proprietary formulations of CBD and essential oils created by Wildflower in conjunction with its medical advisors which addresses various ailments.  The Company has completed the design of the packaging and labeling for the various CBD vaporizers and has taken delivery.

The Company’s first order for the vaporizers has been placed and sales are expected to be initiated within 30 days. A new website is under construction to illustrate our updated branding and showcase our products as they are launched.  Following the release of the CBD vaporizer, an agreement for a THC version of the vaporizer will follow.  The CBD and THC products will be made available to all I-502 cannabis retailers (Washington State) through an agreement with a Washington State processor.  Currently there are approximately 200 I-502 retailers.  On October 12th, 2015 Washington State re-opened the licensing process to allow for additional retailers under I-502 regulations. All cannabis sales will now fall under the responsibility of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.  Spokesperson for the Board, Brian Smith was quoted as saying the number of new licenses his agency can grant is open-ended.  There is approximately 800 medical dispensaries facing closure but Mr. Smith stated that approximately 400 will be eligible for new licensing under I-502 regulations.  With the majority of these medical dispensaries operating in the Greater Seattle Area and soon having to sell only product from I-502 processors, we believe there is still incredible growth for the industry in Washington State.   

The Company has prepared a comprehensive on-line marketing campaign for its CBD vaporizer.  The CBD blends are derived from industrial hemp with negligible THC content and can be sold on-line legally in most US States.  The CBD vaporizer to be launched in I-502 retail outlets will be a slight variation of the online version containing marginally more THC.  Other distribution targets include 4,600 Natural and Health Food stores, 800 Vitamin and Supplements outlets as well as Pharmacies and retail stores throughout Washington State.

President and CEO William MacLean states, “It’s a testament to the hard work of the Wildflower team that we launch our first product under the Wildflower brand and label.  Pairing the new vaporizing technology with our proprietary CBD blends will produce a quality product that we feel will be unparalleled in the industry.” 


Wildflower is a cannabis company focused on developing and designing branded products in the cannabis and healthcare sectors.  We develop proprietary product lines using THC or CBD by taking traditional herbal medicines and applying the most advanced science, technology and know-how to create quality products for the health conscious consumer. Wildflower works exclusively in jurisdictions where cannabis is legal or regulated.

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William MacLean

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