Wildflower Enters the Disposable Vaporizer Market

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 6, 2015: Wildflower Marijuana Inc. (CSE: SUN) (FWB:RSP) (the "Company") has signed a Letter of Intent to license the most advanced technology for the delivery of oil based derivatives in the disposable vaporizer industry.  The purpose of the Licensing Agreement is to pair the highest grade cannabis extract with the most advanced technology in disposable vaporizing to meet the growing demand of health conscious cannabis consumers.  Wildflower will have exclusive rights to this technology in Washington State giving the Company a clear advantage over other similar products.  Cannabis vaporizing continues to gain momentum with consumers and currently demand in Washington State exceeds supply.

Pursuant to the Letter of Intent, Wildflower will be granted exclusive sales and marketing rights to the vaporization product for distribution in the State of Washington for use with cannabis e-juice.  This technology addresses many deficiencies in the disposable vaporizing industry.  Almost all current vaporizers are manufactured in China and are heavily dependent on labour for the soldering and assembly of internal components.  This heavy dependence on labour and the material of the internal components are the main reasons for the high failure rates and unreliability of vaporizers.  In addition, these vaporizers use a chromium wire as heating coils/elements which heat up to 900 °F and can cause the overheating of internal elements including the concentrated oils which could emit harmful by-products.

Wildflower’s new licensing partner has engineered a new state of the art technology that allows for automated manufacturing rather than the labour intensive processes used in China.  These made in the United States vaporizers have comparable manufacturing costs with exceptional quality control compared to the Chinese made units providing a far superior product.  These new vaporizers use an integrated flex circuit technology that removes 90% of the internal solder points thus eliminating these engineering weaknesses.  Other benefits include the use of non-chromium heating elements to allow for Positive Temperature Control that will also assist in keeping the temperature within the desirable range increasing the battery life, efficiency and ultimately the vaporizing experience of consumers. 

President and CEO William MacLean commented, “This is a major milestone for our Company.  Vaporizing is one of many growing trends in the cannabis sector and the lack of a proper delivery system has been a huge issue with consumers. We will continue to develop and invest in products that enhance the consumer experience while addressing these trends.  We are moving as quickly as possible to launch this new technology into Washington State.  We couldn’t be more pleased to have partnered with a world class company that has addressed these issues. The rollout of this product line will be our perfect market entry point and a first step in Wildflower becoming not only a global brand but a brand that stands for the highest quality and customer experience.”


Wildflower is a cannabis company focused on developing and designing branded products in the marijuana sector.  In this regard, Wildflower works exclusively in Washington State where such activity is permitted and regulated by State law, through entities which hold licenses for such activities.  Further, Wildflower is advancing two applications to grow and distribute medical marijuana under an MMPR license with Health Canada.  Wildflower’s proprietary growing system is designed to maximize crop yields and consistently produce pure clean pharmaceutical grade BC cannabis for patients and cannabinoid research.

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William MacLean

Director and CEO