Legalization has arrived in Canada

As of today, cannabis is legal in Canada. The country joins Uruguay to become the second in the world to legalize cannabis. Despite concerns over supply, many Canadians are celebrating this long-awaited day. In eastern maritime Provinces, some had even lined-up well before midnight to be the first to purchase legal cannabis. The Ottawa-based e-commerce platform Shopify, which powers online stores for four Provinces, has stated that “Canadian online cannabis stores [have been] collectively processing more than 100 orders per minute” with millions of site visits, 12 hours after legalization. 

Everyone here at the Wildflower team is excited about the possibilities that legalization represents. Even though CBD products, such as ours, will not yet be legal in Canada, we are encouraged by the recent momentum toward cannabis legal reform in North America and internationally. We eagerly await the day that we can share our wonderful products with CBD-curious consumers outside of the US. 

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